Our escape rooms are great for everyone!

Corporate Teams:

Escape rooms offer a creative and challenging way to develop your professional teams. Colleagues must communicate, share ideas, work together, problem-solve and execute time management in order to complete their Exodus. We offer on-site facilitation after your game is done to enhance the learning and impact of the experience. Book our private rooms to hold team, leadership, or regional meetings. We partner with local restaurants so you can share your experience over a great meal and can even cater-in lunch at our store while you share your experiences!

Social Teams:

Escape rooms offer a creative and exciting form of entertaining experiences. Our escape rooms will challenge you and your friends; peak your curiosities; and provide a rewarding feeling of accomplishment even if you don’t get out. And by the way, most don’t! There’s nothing more satisfying for a group than completing your exodus…and nothing worse than failing- let the shaming begin! Think you and your friends are smarter than all the rest? Think you can work together to solve the puzzles and find the clues in time? Our games are played with 2-10 players and best played with 4-6. Got a larger group? Not a problem-we have multiple rooms to accommodate your needs!

Date Night:

Escape rooms are an excellent way to enjoy date night. Double-dating? All of our rooms can accommodate 4 players. Spending the night as just the two of you? We have 3 outstanding escape experiences that accommodate 2 players. Our escape rooms are an exhilarating, fun experience for the night. There are several outstanding restaurants just a block or two down Main Street. There’s nothing better than dinner and an escape to round out the date!