What is an escape room?

Exodus Escape Rooms put you in the middle of the action! Your team is led into a room, wished good luck and locked inside. From there, you will have one hour and you must work as a group finding clues, solving puzzles and piecing the solution together that will unlock the door to let you escape. Be careful- the clock is counting down and we’re watching your every move. CAN YOU ESCAPE IN TIME?!

You can expect to be challenged and confused during your exodus. But rest assured there is no physical harm, danger or great physical exertion required. Exodus is not a haunted house or a maze.

Games are $20.00 per person. All college and high school students receive a student discounted rate of $15.00 per person. Your Exodus booking will be a ‘private booking’ for your group- we won’t be filling any remaining slots with other players. However, you can add players to your group when you arrive up to the stated maximum amount. Please note there is a 3 person minimum charge for certain rooms.